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* Remember to choose a Public Channel to post to when adding to Slack
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How to Set Up Live Chat for Slack

Best Live Chat for Slack

Live Chat for Slack that is designed to work seamlessly with your Slack team. Simply click "Add to Slack" above and copy 1 line of code to your site and your entire team will be ready to chat. No separate tools or additional software required!

Customize your Widget

Live Chat gives you total control of the colors, agent photos, text, and default responses so you can completely match our Live Chat App to the design of your site. We pull your profile photos right from Slack and any team member can answer a chat as long as they are a member of your primary chat channel.

Unlimited Agents!

Leverage your entire team to live chat. Everyone on Slack can chat with website visitors so you are in complete control of who can chat. No limit on your number of live chat agents and no per agent pricing.

Mobile Chat Ready

The best thing about Slack native integration is that you get to use all the same apps! Get notified of new chats on your mobile and on your desktop!

Setting up Live Chat for Slack

Visit our Slack Integration Guide for step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

1. Add the Slack Integration

First set up the Live Chat integration on Slack by adding the integration.

Add to Slack

If you've already signed up for Social Intents separately - Great! Simply go to our Integrations link once logged in, to enable the integration.

After clicking "Add to Slack" above, please choose a Public Channel and accept the default authentication scopes. Otherwise messages won't show up in Slack. If you have to use a private channels, make sure to invite our chat bot to the channel after completing the set up.

2. Copy Code Snippet

We'll generate a 1-line code snippet for you to include on your website. You can also use one of our integrations with WordPress, Shopify, or Bigcommerce to easily set up your live chat.

3. Start Chatting

That's it! You're ready to start chatting. When a chat is started, we'll create a unique channel for each visitor and also send an incoming message to the default channel you set up. Simply join the channel and respond to start chatting.

4. Not Seeing your chat messages in Slack?

If you've chosen a Private channel when setting up the integration or changed the default Authorization scopes, we won't be able to send messages to Slack. Either use a Public channel when setting up the integration, or invite our Chat Bot to your Private channel.

If you've already added Slack and need to modify these settings or still don't see chat requests come through, please remove and re-add our app by logging into Slack. Choose 'Apps & Integrations' from the top-left menu, then 'Manage' on the top right in the App Market. Choose 'Live Chat' then 'Remove App'. Now click 'Add to Slack' above to re-add our App.

5. Slack Profile Photos in Live Chat

We support displaying your profile photo right in your live chat once you accept the chat! If you wish to disable this, login to our member area and click on the Integrations link. Here you can disable Slack Profile Photos.

6. Setting your Widget to Online and Offline

We support an online and offline schedule in your settings where you can set up normal operator hours. You can also use /livechat commands "/livechat online" and "/livechat offline" and "/livechat status" to turn your chat online, offline, or check your availability.

7. Setting up Shortcuts and Canned Responses

Once you set up your account, head over to Shortcuts to set up shortcuts to canned messages. Use these to quickly answer common customer questions. Simply use a slash command in slack to trigger these. Use /livechat your-shortcut-name, to trigger the shortcut you choose.
See this article for more info.