The best live chat for Webex. Connect your entire team with website visitors right from Webex.

Easily add live chat to any Space or DM in Webex. Get real-time notifications of new chats and support website visitors directly from Webex.

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You can also invite the to any Space in Webex to add the integration.

Connect with Website Visitors and Sell More with the No.1 Webex Live Chat

Chat with website visitors from Webex. Sell more and offer great customer service directly from any Space or DM. Receive real-time notifications of new chats in Webex and never miss another customer support live chat.

How to Get Started in 3 Simple Steps


Connect Live Chat with Webex

Simply Invite our chatbot to any Space or DM using the email
Add Live Chat Bot +


Add Live Chat by selecting + Apps and selecting 'Live Chat

Answer chats, customize chat settings and view reports right from Webex.
Add Embedded Live Chat App


Add Your Code Snippet

Add our code snippet to your web page or use one our plugins for WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Wix.

Webex Live Chat - Top Features

Custom Chat Widget for your Website

Fit your brand with custom colors, logos, text, default responses, and tab styles.

Targeting Rules

Set up page level, on page rules, and timers to trigger proactive invites at the right time for the right customer

Unlimited Team Members

Set up as many team members as needed. No per agent pricing. Grow live chat as your team grows.

Canned Responses

Use Slash Commands to send default responses for common questions

Custom Profile Photos

Upload your agent avatar photos

Time of Day Rules

Set your chat to be online and offline during typical office hours

Proactive Chat Invites

Reach out to potential customers with automatic chat invites. Trigger using rules or our Javascript API

Dashboard and Reports

See how you're doing with chat reports. Export data to your external systems.

Zapier Integration

Send leads and transcripts just about anywhere with our Zapier integration.

Webex Live Chat FAQ

Is Webex live chat for me?

If you enjoy the benefits that Webex brings for internal communications already and want to offer customers and website visitors the chance to chat with you directly, then, yes, Webex chat would be perfect for you.

You’ll get to support customers, and convert more visitors right from the place where you and your team are already - Webex.

With Webex live chat, you won’t have to switch between different channels to chat with your teammates and deal with customer inquiries.

Will Webex chat work for my business?

Absolutely, Webex live chat is ideal for companies of any size, from small businesses to large organizations. Our clients, for example, range from small startups right up to some of the leading US educational institutions.

Can I add Webex to an existing live chat account?

Yes! If you've already signed up for Social Intents separately - Great! Simply go to our Integrations link once logged in, to enable the integration.

Need to change Spaces?

If you've already added Webex and need to modify these settings or still don't see chat requests come through, please make sure to invite our to your DM or Space.

Setting your Chat to Online or Offline

We support an online and offline schedule in your chat settings. You can set up your hours of operation under Live Chat and Online Schedule.

Can I set up multiple Spaces?

Yes. You can create multiple chat apps and set up a Space for each app. Simply add to any Space you want to be able to route chats to.

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