Chatbase alternative

Looking for a Chatbase alternative? Social Intents is the number one choice as a Chatbase alternative. Social Intents offers superior features, great pricing, and complete control when building your customer service chatbot.

Social Intents offers a comprehensive platform for improving customer engagement, including advanced AI chatbots, seamless integration with your existing messaging platform, and robust reporting. Chatbase, on the other hand, provides AI chatbot functionality but lacks some of the advanced capabilities and native integrations found in Social Intents. Social Intents emphasizes extensive chat widget customization, allowing users to tailor their AI chatbots to specific needs and preferences. This includes custom branding, personalized responses, and flexible workflow automation. Chatbase also offers customization features. See below for a complete feature comparison between Chatbase and Social Intents.

Chatbase Alternative - Feature Comparison

Pricing plan comparison
Social Intents
Limited to 20 message credits/mo 14-day free trial
Low Tier
Hobby at $19/mo Starter at $39/mo
Mid Tier
Standard at $99/mo Pro at $99/mo
High Tier
Unlimited at $399/mo Business at $199/mo
Chat Features
Chat History
Included Included
Human Escalation
Not included Included
Hybrid Bot/Agents
Not included Included
Quick Replies
Included Included
Custom API
Included Included
Training Files
Included Included
Training URLs
Included Included
Training Sitemap
Included Included
Training Instructions
Included Included
Team members
Up to 20 users
Brand Colors
Included Included
Custom Logo
Included Included
Remove branding
Unlimited plan only
Pro plan
Pre-Sales Questions
Not included Included
Proactive Invites
Included Included
Custom CSS
Not included Included
Custom Javascript
Not included Included
Microsoft Teams Agent App
Not included Included
Slack Agent App
Not included Included
Slack Bot
Included Coming Soon
Google Chat Agent App
Not included Included
Zoom Agent App
Not included Included
Webex Agent App
Not included Included
Wordpress Chat Plugin
Not included Included
Shopify Chat App
Not included Included
Wix Chat App
Not included Included
Included Not included
Included Included
Google Analytics GA4
Not included Included
24/7 online support
Included Included
Priority phone support
Included in Essential Included in Premium
1:1 onboarding tour
Not included in Essential Included in Premium


As you can see, both Chatbase and Social Intents offer great AI chatbot features. If you are looking for a pure chatbot with mostly basic features, then Chatbase is a great choice. If you want a tool that will let you monitor chats, escalate to agents in your existing tools like Teams and Slack, and create complex workflows, then Social Intents is the right choice for you.